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Writesite has created and produced print, digital, video and live event projects for over twenty-five years, for businesses, companies, individuals, government entities and non-profits.
commnications & information
presentation & events
publishing & documentation
seminars, consulting & classes

- Press releases and publicity
- Information mailers
- Marketing and advertising
- Newletters, print and email

newsletter design

marketing and advertising

journal and newsletter editing

informational brochures

Communications & Information
Presentations & Events
Publishing & Documentation
Seminars, Consulting & Classes

- Graphics and design
- Video and event production
- Photography

event production

graphics and design

event production



- Publishing, writing, editing and design
- Books
- Magazines
- Manuals: product, training and HR

books, editing and design


editing and publishing

Writesite offers project consulting, seminars and classes, on location, via web seminars and podcasts, and in various locations.

Please click on any of the links below to get more information:

The Ten Design and Production Need to Know Insights seminar provides information for any organization that uses in-house resources for their development of print campaigns, advertisements and collateral (a great seminar for small businesses, small companies and non-profits!).


The Way to Communicate seminar is based on Mr. Harkins book which reveals a method for improving personal presentation skills and developing effective presentations in any media.

Every project is unique. Mike Harkins, owner of Writesite, works directly with each client to produce an effective, creative result, whether it's a 4-page pamphlet, the next great novel or a trade show keynote.
Clients & projects include: the American Red Cross - FORTUNE magazine - Gatorade - National Public Radio - Wells Fargo Bank - Schwinn - Jackson Family Enterprises - Motorola - Wild Horse Sanctuary - Golden Gate Raptor Observatory - and more